2015 TPE & TiP Science & Technology Training was held in Yunnan, China

2015 TPE & TiP Science & Technology Training supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences in the frame of the TPE Program (Third Pole Environment) and the Sino-German TiP project (Tibetan Plateau: Formation – Climate – Ecosystems) was held in Yunnan, China from 10th to the 23rd August 2015. There were over fifty participants from universities and research institutions of different countries, including China, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Germany, Iran, Singapore, etc.


The training focused on the theme of the Third Pole Environment, introducing latest scientific progress in glaciology, atmospheric science, hydrology, geology, environment, ecology and other areas. Prominent scientists from international scientific community have been invited to lead the training as lecturers and guides, providing participants with the most in-depth and up-to-date course content available. After 8-day indoor courses, the 3-day field excursion in the Yulong Snow Mountain integrated the theoretical and practical methods intimately, which allowed participants not only to gain scientific knowledge of different fields, but also improve their fieldwork skills and team work ability.