Pant Ramesh Raj


Pant Ramesh Raj, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, PhD Scholar

  1. Education
  • 2015/09 –Present: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Tibetan Research Plateau, China, PhD on going: Professor Zhang Fan, PhD
  • 20003/09-2005/09: Tribhuvan University Central Department of Environmental Science, Nepal, Masters in Science (M.Sc.) with Distinction (Environmental Science): Professor Madan Koirala, PhD
  • 2000/07 – 2003/08: Tribhuvan University,Trichandra Multiple Campus,Nepal: Bachelor in Environmental Science (B.Sc.) with First Division Tutor:Associate Professor Deepak Chhetry
  1. Scientific Research and Academic Experience:

(1) Nov, 2011 to Present: Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Environmental Science: Assistant Professor, (URL: )

(2) Nov, 2006 to Nov. 2011: Tribhuvan University, Janapriya Multiple Campus Pokhara: Lecturer

(3) 2006 to 2011: Tribhuvan University, Prithvi Narayan Campus Pokhara: Visiting Faculty

(4) 2007 to 2011: Tribhuvan University, Institute of Forestry (IOF): Visiting Faculty & Coordinator for Global Environmental Change in M.Sc. (Global Environmental Change)

(5) 2008 to 2009: Pokhara University Central Campus Pokhara: Visiting Faculty for ENV. 521.3: Gender, Environment and Development



  • Other Certificates:
  • 2009:Ed. (Bachelor in Education), Supervision & Administration (Professional Course)
  • 2011:L.B. (Bachelor in Law), in Environmental Law (Professional Course)
  1. Participating Programs
  • National Trust for Nature Conservation – Biodiversity Conservation Center, Sauraha, Chitwan-1611, Assessment of Ecosystem Services of Beeshazar and Associated Lakes, 2015/02 to 2015/08; NRs : 500,000 Finished, Host, (Principal Investigator)
  • Research Division, Rector’s Office, TU; Ref.122: Contribution of Non-Timber Forest Products to the Livelihood of Local People in Gaurishankar & Lamabagar VDCs: A Case Study Of Gaurishankar Conservation Area, Central Nepal: 2015/01 to 2015/07; NRs: 35,000 Host  Finished (Principal Investigator)
  • Institute of Science & Technology TU- Ref. 0454; Wetland Study of Pokhara Valley 2014/04 to 2014/12; NRs: 100,000; Finished; Co-investigator; Finished
  • University Grants Commission Nepal; Ref. 3121; Livelihood Assessment of Local People of Khandeshowri and Ghusa VDCs Darchula Nepal; 2013/02 to 2013/12; 200,000 Finished, Host (Principal Investigator)
  1. Representative Research Results and Academic Rewards:
  • Ramesh Raj Pant, Existing M.Sc. Environmental Science Curricula of Nepalese Universities: Journal of Institute of Science & Technology, 2013 18(1): 165-168
  • Ramesh Raj Pant, Development of Science & Technology in Tribhuvan University: Challenges & Prospects. T.U. Special Bulletin 2013: 33-38

(3)      Ramesh Raj Pant*, Suman Shrestha, Prithivi: Quality Assessment of Kitchen Waste Based Vermi-Compost, A Multi-Disciplinary Research Journal 2012, 5(1): 26-31

  • Ramesh Raj Pant, Noise Pollution in Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2012, 1 (1): 100-109
  • Ramesh Raj Pant*, Gyan Kumar Shrestha, Industrial Effluent from Beverage Industry and Its Impact on Manahara River, Kathmandu valley Published in Janapragyamunch 2009, 10 (1): 56-61.
  • Ramesh Raj Pant , Water Quality Assessment of Ranipokhari Pond , Kathmandu, Himalayan Scientific Journal, 2008, 1 (1): 59-66
  • Ramesh Raj Pant# Laxmi Poudel#, Sulochana Bhandari, Wetland Management and Sustainable Livelihood in Pokhara Valley, Janapragyamunch, 2008, 9(1): 48-53.
  • Ramesh Raj Pant, Implementation of Vermi-technology in School Level, The Earth Preservation, 2005, 2 (2): 87-89
  1. Corresponding Author Paper:

Kul Bahadur Nepali, Ramesh Raj Pant, Sadhana Pradhanang, Impacts of Climate Change on the Livelihoods of Local People: A Case from Jethal VDC, Sindhupalchowk District Nepal, 2014, 2(1): 147-158

  • Both Nonfirst and Non-corresponding Author:
  • Ramesh Neupane, Anup KC, Ramesh Raj Pant, Assessing Tourism Potential in Bhaktpur Durbar Squire, Nepal, International Journal of Environment, 2(1), 2013: 250-261
  • Hari Kumar Laudari, Mohan K.C, Ramesh Raj Pant, Climate Change in Wetland Ecosystems: Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation in Greenery: Journal of Environment and Biodiversity, 2009, 7 (1): 57-63


  • Conference Papers:
  • Pant R R*, Pyakurel P., Pradhanang S., Zhang F.: An Assessment of Ecological Footprint of Urban Squatter and Non-squatter Settlements–A Case Study of Kathmandu Valley, the 7th National Conference on Science and Technology, March 29-31, Kathmandu Nepal, 2016-03-31-12.20
  • Subedi R C., Bhuju D. R., Bhatta G. D., Pant R. R., Climate Variability and Livelihood of the Rural Farmers in Chisapani Rameschhap of Nepal, the 7th National Conference on Science and Technology, March 29-31, Kathmandu Nepal, 2016-03-30-2.10
  • Pant R R*, Rijal K.: Livelihood Analysis: A Case of Api-Nampa Conservation Area, International Conference on “Ethical Prospects: Society and Environment (EPESE-2015), 13-14 March, 2015, University of Mumbai Ratnagiri Sub-Centre in Association with ICSSR, 2015-03-14 -2.40
  • Maskey R#, Bhuju D. R.# Pant R. R.#, Sharma A.# Maharjan J. R. , Strengthening Disaster Risk Management in Academia, 25 to 30 March, 2015, Institute of DM and Vulnerability Studies, Dhaka University-Bangladesh, 2015-03-28-4.30
  • Pant R R: Curricula Development on Hydro-diplomacy in the Ganges Brahmaputra-Meghna River System, IUCN’s Ecosystems for Life Project (, May 26 – 27, 2014, Bangkok, Thailand, 2014. 5.27-10.30

IX: Monograph:

Ramesh Raj Pant  Text Book of Environmental Education, Sujata Prakashan ,  Katmandu Nepal, First Edition 2008

Hukum Dahal, Lila Nath Sapkota, Ramesh Raj Pant, Environmental Science Volume II Satyal Publication (Pvt.) Ltd. Dill bazar , Katmandu Nepal, Edition First 2006